Grant (2017)

We found out on Feb 25, 2015 that we were going to have a baby! The baby was due to be born November 8, 2015. In May we found out it was going to be a little boy and we knew the perfect name would be Grant Matthew Gibbens. He arrived on November 3, 2015. We were officially a family of three!

In September of 2016 our family became sick with a common cold. My husband and I got better, but Grant seemed to stay sick. After multiple doctors visits we were told it was a virus that just needed to run its course. However, five weeks later there was no improvement and his lymph nodes became very large. I took him back to the doctor on October 21, 2016 and she sent us for labs. After labs I decided he wasn’t himself and was having some difficulty breathing so we took him to the emergency department. He was transferred to Florida Hospital for Children that night. The next day , October 22, 2016, after a ton of lab work, Grant was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. We were told that he had an 8cm mass on left side of his chest that was causing deviation of his trachea. We immediately began preparation for treatment.

Grant underwent surgery to place the central line (Broviac), obtain a bone marrow biopsy, and do a lumbar puncture to test his spinal fluid on October 24,2016. Not knowing how Grant would do under sedation, the team intubated him for safety. Our family and friends prayed, and God watched over him. Immediately after surgery Grant began treatment!

Within one week results came back from testing. Grant had no signs of leukemia in his spinal fluid, but he had the MLL gene rearrangement. This helped steer treatment for the next 2 years. After 54 days in the hospital we found out Grant was in FULL REMISSION!!!!!!! No gene rearrangement or leukemia in his body! We also got to go home for the first time for a short 3 day break before finishing round 2. In that time Grant was able to meet Santa and see his baby brother on ultrasound!

We have had some bad days. Sometimes he sleeps a lot, sometimes he vomits a lot, and sometimes he is cranky. But we are thankful for the good days.  The days where we can enjoy our little boy like we had pictured the day we found out he would be joining our family. Grant loves spending time with his dog Dallas, spending time with family, playing with cars and rolling balls. He enjoys watching Toy Story, Lion King, and Alvin and The Chipmunks. When he is not up to crawling around, he also loves playing on the I-pad. Our prayer everyday is to remain in remission and finish treatment in October of 2018.

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