Auction Coordinator

dianeDiane Reinhold is another one of our fabulous Auction Coordinators.

“On May 30 2009, Benjamin Swanson officially became a part of our family when he married our daughter Jessica. This amazing young man blessed all of us with the compassion he showed anyone he met, the tenacity he had for life and the fun attitude he carried everywhere he went. When Ben was diagnosed with Leukemia in October of 2014, I was hurt to the core but I never thought this horrible disease would win the tough battle Ben fought against it. Unfortunately, it did. Our beloved Son-In-Law passed away in December 2015. I felt like half of my heart died with him. The other half ached for the pain my daughter was going through. Leukemia. That word had not entered my mind until Ben was afflicted with it. I never knew just how devastating this disease could be.

The Ben Strong 5K began as a benefit for the mounting medical costs that were incurred with Ben’s extensive treatments. His dream was to continue this fund for others knowing it not only helps the families that are dealing with leukemia, it also allows our community to understand what this cancer is and how we can help. I know Ben would be happy to know we are carrying on this blessing through his memory. I am excited to be a part of this amazing, charitable committee.”

The Auction Coordinates are in charge of the auction items that will be raffled off at our after party. The auction will take place in front of Playalinda Brewing Company after the race.

If you have any great items to add to the auction, just message us.